Each of these Monoprints has been hand-printed by artist, Karen Weil, on acid-free, professional printing paper with oil-based printing inks. Most pieces are available unframed. It may be possible to ship a print, depending on the size of the piece. Please contact me to arrange a visit to the gallery, for more information, or for availability of a specific print.

Humanity Prints

These “humanitarian art prints” are my reactions to the post 9/11 world. The impetus was specifically the newspaper article titled, “Colors Warn of Terror Risk”. Gorgeous rainbow colors were being hijacked by our government for their war; the colors to warn America of impending doom. To relieve my own worries and stress, I began the series called “Rainbow of Terror”. Using then current newspaper articles as my base, I Xeroxed, transferred and manipulated the type/photos and then added layers of ink, creating one of a kind monoprints.

Unfortunately, the world crises seemed to expand into the attack of Afghanistan and then into Iraq. I continued to find plenty of subject matter and the result was not only the Rainbow of Terror series, but also the series of “Stop, Look and Listen”. Frustrated that people seemed to succumb to the President’s agenda, I felt the need to accentuate some of my previous messages. Americans were covering their eyes and ears….hence, the Braille and Sign Language War Charts. Even though, at times, we all would like to bury our head in the sands, we must keep our eyes and ears open…and I wanted to make sure I was getting my message out to everyone, including the visually or hearing impaired and especially to those that were just choosing not to look and listen.

Greeting Cards


Another name for a silk-screened print is Serigraph. All of Karen Weil’s original Serigraphs are hand-printed, numbered, and of limited edition. These pieces are available unframed and need to be kept out of direct sunlight or framed with UV protection glass.