A Year of Dreams

Have you ever been accused of “sleeping on the job?” Well, that is literally what I did for one year. Starting on the evening of January 1, 2007, my work would begin as soon as I kissed my husband, Mark, goodnight and headed for dreamland. There, I met old friends and strangers, experienced joy and sorrow, pity and pride, frustration and fear. I designed new inventions as well as art, and was able to relive many childhood memories, some of them savory, others bitter.   

The result of my fortunate gift of remembering dreams effortlessly upon waking is 365 pictorially recorded dreams, painted on 6 x 6 pieces of canvas—one dream per night. Due to size restrictions of my window space, I have designed “Not Just Pipe Dreams” to display 16 of my 365 dreams. I hope to do an installation of all 365 dreams in the near future. A verbal description of each displayed dream accompanies “Not Just Pipe Dreams” in the form of a small folder, located inside the studio.  Please ask to see it.